Magda Amer Beverari Mazerolles ماجدہ 

Magda, Italian by adoption, divided between Paris, Beirut and Verona, has been dealing with communication and promotion of the Lebanese Wines for more than 5 years now. When she landed in Beirut for the first time six years ago, she madly felt in love with the country of the Cedars and decided to discover every corner of it, free of the cross-cultural and religious dynamics from who was born in Lebanon and lives there: from Tripoli to Tyre, Byblos to Sidon, ending with the ancient ruins of Baalbek and Niha in the Bekaa, only 30 km away from Damascus. If you like the long and mild nights that offers Beirut, you may find her jogging on the corniche in front of the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut is only one for her, from south to north and from east to west.

The Levantine cuisine has no secret for her, and she succeeds to match it with wine, even the tabbouleh. She knows all the grapes used to produce the best wine in the Middle East, and easily pair it with any dish.

She has driven her passion so far that it has become a mission: introducing Lebanon to us in its entirety, as a country full of opportunities and prospects, despite (or perhaps because of) the geopolitical conditions.

Magda is graduated in Philosophy and Phd in Sociology. She is certified also WSET Level 3.